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What to wear: the Dress Code

XXXLeather is a fetish party. That means that a strict dress code is enforced for the pleasure of all our guests. The dress code rules apply to a total outfit in correct combination, such to be decided by our doormen and/or crew members.
Want to get in? Then be sure you’re dressed for it!

We love leather, rubber, full uniform, skin gear, army, neoprene. PVC
or black/dark jockstrap in combinations with leather, harness, vest or chaps, and boots

Footwear: boots, shoes, or sneakers all black or dark, so leave your white or colourful ones at home. For safety reasons, wearing shoes or boots is compulsory.

no drag and no nazi-symbols, no streetwear


  • Free & secure coat check – we don’t have lockers but your valuables are safe at our guarded coat check.
    We recommend you leave your valuables here, but keep some cash (or card) on you to pay for drinks at the bar. (we provide small plastic bags to put your cash or passes in your sock)
  • Free condoms – there are free condoms and lube (“wet stuff”, water-based) throughout the entire club
  • Private cabins – church has 5 private cabins, stocked with condoms, lube and paper. two of these have slings
  • Dark room – Church has a big dark room, stocked with condoms, lube and paper
  • Slurp station – we have a 5 man glory hole wall for a night of blowing bliss
  • Slings – we have 4 slings, 2 in cabins and 2 in public space.
  • Douche areas (spoelruimtes) – church has 4 toilet cabins with douche taps (spoelkranen).
    You can purchase disposable douche hoses (spoelslangen) at the coat check for € 3. These douche hoses can be attached to the taps, which supply warm water.
    You can save and re-use your douche hose every time you visit church, but we strongly recommend you don’t share them with others
  • Showers – we have 2 showers to use for free. we rent small towels for € 3
  • We accept payment by cash, pin and (all major) credit cards
  • 10 visit card – a 10 visit card is available for € 95!

House Rules

  • Entrance from 18 years
  • Use and trade of GHB & other hard drugs is strictly forbidden
  • Visitors under the influence of drugs or alcohol may be refused entry or asked to leave
  • Customers who have caused problems in the past may be refused entry
  • Weapons are strictly forbidden
  • No prostitution
  • Compulsory dress codes have been announced via flyers & website
  • Too large (expected) crowds can be grounds for refusal
  • Making of video footage or photographs is strictly forbidden unless with explicit permission of management
  • Club Church will undertake legal action when illegally obtained images are published
  • Although we take the utmost care we are not liable for any loss or damage of any kind resulting from your visit to club church
  • Complaints & suggestions via

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