Safe Sex Zone

XXXLeather takes pride in having contributed in the development of the free condom distribution project of Schorer.

Participating bars with the Safe Sex Zone logo make it easier for their guests to take responsibility for their own sexual health.

XXXLeather is a Safe Sex Zone too, meaning that we provide free condoms and lubricants at the places where you need them and promote safe sex where ever possible.
What other reason then HIV, Gonorrea, Syfillus, HepC do you need to have unprotected sex? Rubber up!

No hard drugs

XXXLeather and Club Church have a strict policy towards hard drugs, especially GHB or GBL: It’s a health risk and killing the party scene. How much fun is it to wake up in a hospital? Your friends will hate you for it and we don’t want to see you at our parties again.
Check this website: Mantotman.nl.

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