XXXLeather Slave Auction August 13th

Is it your ultimate fantasy, being sold in public and serve your new master for the night, than this is your chance!!
Saturday August 13th XXXLeather and Club chUrch will have their yearly extra-depraved edition of  Slave Auction.
Slaves are stripped, bound and inspected by masters and sold to the highest bidder.
Slave auction 2016
Information slave auction:
Slaves register on the night and must fill out registration form specifying what they are willing to do and their limits. 
Slaves will be stripped by the xxxleather masters and separated from the rest of the crowd until the auction begins. As a slave you agree to serve the master who buys you for a minimum one hour. After that you may be released or remain in captivity depending on your master’s wishes…
Slaves arrive between 21:00 and 22:00
Auction starts at 23:00 – bidding starts at € 1,= Proceeds go to the homomonument foundation

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