Next XXXLeather party: June, 8th, 2013

SLAVES; let your fantasy come true!

Get sold at the slave auction. Be exposed to your potential master and the audience in your favourite gear, become the object of bidding and be the slave of an unknown master for one hour during the party.

So, if this has been your fantasy for a long time and you’re willing to make this fantasy come true, be in Club Church on June 8th between 22.00 and 23.00 hrs and register for the market.
Interested to be a slave? Read more info


Saturday, June 8th, 2013



Club Church
Kerkstraat 52




Boots or black sneakers only

DJ Lineup:

DJ HanSom

DJ Mo’Cum

Entrance Fee:
10 EUR

Presale: Mister B, RoB, Black Body, UNDERGROUND Fetish

Slave Info:
Slaves have to be present at 22h. You can then change into gear and fill out the registration form. In this form you can list your preferences, what you would be willing to do etc. Slaves will be seperated from the rest of the crowd untill the auction – they will be on display though and of course our team will make sure they are treated well. Around midnight slaves will be presented on stage where the auction master will present them (based on the info from the registration form) after which they are auctioned off. All proceedings from the auction will benefit Stichting Homomonument. As slave you agree to serve the master that bought you for one hour, after that you are released…unless you don’t want to of course.

You will soon read more on howto submit

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