The presentation of Mr XXXLeather 2017

February 11th we will have the presentation of our Mr XXXLeather 2017.


Since 2013, XXXLeather has strived to not just bring you great fetish parties, but also to be the breeding ground for potential Mister XXXLeather titleholders.

These have been our proud ambassadors both nationally and internationally, and we want to continue this great tradition for many years to come, but, alas, you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink.

This means, in layman’s terms, that unfortunately we only have one contestant this year due to dropouts. We thought hard and long about how to handle this, and have decided to let the contestant win by default. This will demand a lot of him, but he is ready to take on the challenge – and we’re very happy and grateful that he has the guts to do it.

We bid you to welcome him with the same open arms that we have, as he will still be on stage and proving his worth to the title this Saturday at Club Church.

See you februari 11th.

Flyer Mr XXXL 2017 presentation logo's print

Flyer Mr XXXL 2017 Presantation back side print






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