Hands on the job wanted

XXXLeather is brought to you by a team of volunteers dedicated to give thousands of guys their frequent portion of dance and sleaze. XXXLeather is contributing to the Amsterdam gay fetish community already for over 6 years!

For our regular parties and t-dances in Club Church and bigger XXXLeather events on other spots the production team is looking for new man meat with a hands-on-the-job attitude.

We’re looking for fetish lovers that want to contribute to the parties. Creative guys for:
– setting up the set for the parties
– running the coat check
– checking the dresscode
– handing out condoms and lubes
– bar crew member
– floor managers

Tasks durings events are carried out in 2 to 3 shifts, depending on the type and venue of the event. You’ll be part of a pool of volunteers and during XXXLeather itself you’ll be part of an enthusiastic team with similar drive as you: contributing to the Amsterdam fetish community.

In return you and your mate get a free entrance to the party. As a volunteer you get free entrance or a discount to other parties organized by the Gala Foundation.

Interesting deal? Apply for this job now!

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